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Wade International Ltd - How to deal with Grease, Sediment

New Brochure Released

19th August 2009

How to deal with Grease, Sediment and Oil

View online now!

This new edition of our How to deal with Grease, Sediment and Oil' brochure, superseding our June 2003 edition, has been updated with a new layout and editorial changes.

Full details of our product range encompassing Grease Converters, Sediment Interceptors and Oil Interceptors are included in this brochure; download a copy now from our brochure download page, or contact us to request a hard-copy.

Grease Converters

Unlike conventional grease traps and interceptors, grease converters provide a modern, effective and simple to use means of permanently converting grease to water-soluble, environmentally friendly products. Grease is degraded by a microbiological culture which is maintained in the converter through regular dosing with Wade Actimatic, in powder or liquid form (with optional automatic dosing system available for liquid). Wade Actimatic grease converters are available in standard sizes and can be installed in existing or new kitchens; stainless steel versions are now available.

Sediment Interceptors

Sediment Interceptors are used to help prevent blockages where solids such as food scraps, hair, plaster, sediment etc. are discharged into drain lines. Solid material is captured in a collector – a bucket or, for fine particles, a filter bag – which needs to be lifted out of the interceptor for emptying at an appropriate frequency.

Oil Interceptors

Oil Interceptors are installed in drain lines to help prevent the pollution of rivers, streams, drainage systems and water treatment plants. Units are used where spillages of oil or diesel could occur such as garages, transport workshops, diesel re-fuelling and storage areas, and where vehicles or plant are washed down or steam cleaned..
Oil Interceptors are not suitable for petrol and volatile liquids.

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